Haulier & Customer Site Rules

The following instructions are to be followed at all times. The Company expressly disclaims all liability for any matters arising from any breach of these rules, and reserves the right to refuse access to our site anyone found doing so.

  • Please obey the site speed limits.
  • Wear high visibility jacket or vest, which must be bright enough to stand out in a dusty environment.
  • Wear suitable dust mask, hard hat, eye protection and safety footwear when leaving cab, and be wary of slips and trips.
  • Do not smoke onsite or in your cab, anyone found smoking onsite will be permanently banned from site.
  • Do not consume food inside storage areas.
  • Do not drop litter inside storage areas, bins are provided onsite.
  • Switch on dipped headlights and hazard lights when entering stores.
  • Always uncover and cover in a safe area, and cover before exiting the stores.
  • Do not climb on top of load – uncover/cover from the ground or truck’s access platform.
  • Ensure all ropes and/or straps are in good condition. The Company will carry out random checks of equipment and, if found to be unsatisfactory, you will be refused access to the site and [will/may] be permanently banned from site.
  • Remain in cab while being loaded or waiting to be loaded.
  • Drivers are only permitted to disembark when uncovering/covering, opening a tailgate or giving/taking instruction from loading operator and in a safe manner to do so.
  • Samples (if required) must be taken from the trailer, not the storage bay unless accompanied by site staff.
  • Do not approach the loading shovel while working in a bay.
  • Do not approach loading shovel without first getting attention of the driver.
  • Before leaving store ensure no leakage from tailgate.
  • If collection of material is from a ship, signal the hopper operator as to the size of the load.
  • If delivering material to store, tip load only when and where directed by operator.
  • Beware of overhead beams, lights, gutters, doors, uneven ground and other obstructions.
  • Never elevate the tipper before opening the tailboard.
  • After tipping material do not drive with the trailer elevated, wait until it is fully down.
  • Do not stand behind tailgate when opening same.
  • At intake hoppers, monitor discharge from a safe position and do not stand on the intake grid.
  • When loaded, proceed to weighbridge without undue delay.
  • Our policy is not to over load or over fill- Inform weighbridge operator of legally permitted weight. (definition of over filling- so as not to impede the rolling of the cover)
  • Tip off locations are provided onsite.
  • All incidents, accidents or near missed must be reported immediately.

By having your vehicle weighed in you are confirming that you have read and understand the above instructions and will conform to same. You are also confirming that your truck or trailer has not been engaged in the transport of meat & bone meal, fishmeal, any other toxic material or product on the relevant haulage exclusion list.