About Us

Tradition, trust and reputation reflect the ethos of R & H Hall.

The company has been the leading supplier to the Irish feed industry since 1839 and over almost two centuries, the R&H Hall commitment to quality and service provision has cemented our position as market leader. The timeline showing key points in the company’s history reflects the evolving nature of our business which continues to serve local business needs through a global network of markets.

R&H Hall Timeline – Expansion throughout Ireland with local regional network

Explore some important dates in R&H Hall’s history using the timeline below.

  • 1839R&H Hall established in Cork.
  • 1939Second World War commences and UK/NI government requested RHH NI worked in conjunction with W&R Barnett to secure grains at competitive prices for NI feed trade.
  • 1940Halls Silo opened in Belfast. Transition from traditional bag handling to automated bulk handling. Survived bombing attacks during Second World War.
  • 1953-2R&H Hall NI operation, joint venture with W&R Barnett.
  • 1966R&H Hall PLC quoted on Stock Exchange.
  • 1990IAWS purchase Unigrain and James Allen in late 1980s and in 1990 with their purchase of R & H Hall, all are amalgamated under R&H Hall name, doubling size of operation.
  • 2011R&H Hall – joint venture between Origin and W&R Barnett. New HQ in Dublin.

Our continued investment in modernisation, efficient logistics and trading intelligence provides a superior solution to the Irish feed industry. Our unique knowledge of, and commitment to working in partnership with, local customers and clients in international markets provides a service offering that reduces risk and increases efficiency for the Irish market. This combination of our local footprint and a global network established over centuries of international commodity trading, mean R&H Hall’s expertise, knowledge and experience is unparalleled in the industry.

Our end to end service begins with trading through purchasing, shipping and storage. We import ingredients from over twenty countries worldwide via our strategically located deep-water port facilities around the Irish coast; Belfast, Dublin, Ringaskiddy and Foynes. The scale of our operations allow us to import quality feed ingredients on a competitive basis with storage capacity strategic to enable us to be responsive to customer demands.


R &H Hall works closely with many of the pre-eminent shipping companies, both in terms of deep sea vessels up to Panamax size originating from such diverse markets as South America and South East Asia to coaster size vessels from the near-European market.

Our long term position in the Tier 1 Ports in Ireland together with and with priority berthing in Belfast means that ships are handled efficiently, often on a 24 hour discharge basis.

Over 600 vessels are handled in a year between the ports making R&H Hall one of the largest users of deep water facilities in Ireland.

R&H Hall Company Registration No: 1305